Choosing The Best Wine For Any Occasion

A lot of people take a matter of choosing the best wine for a particular occasion too seriously, it drains their energy away. Although taking time to choose the perfect wine could mean a lot, it shouldn’t be taken as a matter of experts or any as if it needs super extensive knowledge to be able to pick out the best wine.

What is best to consider is having a better understanding of how to pair different types of wine and also having the knowledge of the tastes that your visitors have on wine. Here is a guideline on how to choose the best wine for an occasion.

It is important to smell wine, in the process of testing it. This is especially if you are planning to pair it with food. Different wines generally taste and smell differently, and therefore pairing it with the right kind of foods that you will serve during any particular occasion will matter a lot. Remember foods smell differently and therefore, the wine’s smell and that of the food should merge well rather than clashing.

Flavor is an important element to consider when serving wine. If your menu has rich and heavy foods, then ensure that your wine is of the same standard as well. Balancing the flavor will ensure the right match for both the wine and food, it will also keep their tastes at par.

If you will be serving light meals like seafood and salad, consider a combination of wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, as it will work well. This is basically because white wines generally go well with light meals. Red wines like Pinot Noir and Merlot, pair generally well with heavy foods like deep-fried dishes.

Sparkling wines, like champagne do go well with appetizers, Asian foods and desserts. There is a very charming taste that the combination gives the user. Champagne is majorly used during News Year’s Eve, although no one is limited to trying other wines. Most people are used to sparkling wine for major family gatherings and Christmas among other holidays, and this has made it a tradition so difficult to change.

Consider the acidity of the foods also when selecting perfect wines for any particular occasion. Super acidic foods like a Greek salad sauce with lemon do generally go well with wines that share the same acidic rate. Wines like Pinot Grigio for example will go well with acidic foods. For foods that tend to be sweeter rather than acidic, like Chicken apple for example, consider pairing them with drier wines like off-dry Riesling, as it will go well.

In every occasion remember to note down the wines that get the best compliments from your guests so that next time you have an event, pairing would be made much easier for you. You could ask those close to you to help you know how your combination worked, in order to have a better paring in coming events. Picking out the best wine for any occasion whatsoever is very possible and therefore you should scratch your head too much thinking your visitors would shun your choices.